Setting Up Your Hardware

Setting Up Your Hardware

If you are using your own hardware, please reference this document to enter kiosk mode.

**IMPORTANT: Be sure to Enroll with EloView in Step 7**

Step 1: Locate the Elo Backpack Computer Module (the small black box, NOT the touchscreen)

Step 2: Email the Serial Number on the back of the Elo Backpack Computer Module (10-digit number above the barcode) to For the email, use the subject: "Serial Number - [Your School Name]"

Step 3: Plug the Elo Backpack Computer Module into the touchscreen via HDMI and USB

Step 4 (OPTIONAL): If not using Wi-Fi, plug the Elo Backpack into ethernet

Step 5: Power on the touchscreen and the Backpack (if asked for a password, the default screen password is 1elo or rocket)

Step 6: Connect to Wi-Fi

*Step 7: Choose Enroll with EloView (DO NOT choose GMS or Android)*

Step 8: You will see a screen to create an account, DO NOT create your own account--we will use a Rocket account

Step 9: Once the account is set up by a Rocket team member the device will reboot. You will then see the message: “This device has not been set up” or “No content is configured for this device”. The Rocket Alumni Solutions team will set up your device and deploy the content remotely.

Step 10: Once your site has been linked to the Elo Backpack by a Rocket team member it will appear on your screen

Step 11 (OPTIONAL): Once the Rocket site appears, please email or text some photos of the installation to our team -- we get excited to see the displays come to life! 

If you did not choose "Enroll with EloView" you will need to first follow these steps to reset the device. And then follow these steps to enable future updates.