Getting Started - Onboarding

Getting Started - Onboarding

Please locate the email with subject line "Welcome to Rocket Alumni Solutions".

Welcome to Rocket Alumni Solutions! We are excited to get you started with your new Touchscreen Awards & Recognition platform. Please pause this video now and locate the email with the subject line “Welcome to Rocket Alumni Solutions”. Please follow the steps to set your password and log in. 

Once logged in, you will see a content management bar on the right. On the left, you will continue to see exactly what is on your touchscreen. As you change anything on the right, you will see it update live on the left, just as it appears on the touchscreen. 

There are four tabs in the content management system. The Settings Tab, the Text tab, the Media tab, and the Color tab. In these 4 tabs, you will find nearly everything you can change about the site. If you are ever confused or looking for something, give each of these 4 tabs a click.