Demo & Overview

Demo & Overview

Think "Google Drive for a Touchscreen".

Rocket Alumni Solutions is the first provider of modern web-based touchscreen software. The Rocket platform allows organizations to instantly create & deploy showcase worthy touchscreen experiences. You can think about the system as "Google Drive for a Touchscreen".

Features & Functionalities Overview:

Unlimited Folders (like a filesystem)

Unlimited Content & Storage

  • Images (jpg, png, svg, webp, gif, etc)
  • Videos (MP4, MOV, Youtube, Vimeo, Hudl, etc)
  • Yearbooks (PDFs, JPGs)
  • PDFs
  • Audio

Unlimited Touchscreen Displays

Unlimited QR Code Usage

Unlimited Website Linking

Unlimited Customer Support

  • Live Chat
  • Phone Support
  • Zoom Support

Unlimited Bulk Data Uploads

Unlimited Image Background Removal

Unlimited Automatic Photo Compression & Resizing

Unlimited Records

  • Auto-ranking by time, distance, units, win-loss, percent, etc

Unlimited Premade Layout Usage

Unlimited Content Management System User Accounts

Unlimited Custom Graphics & Motion Graphics

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